Picnic Areas in Olympia, Washington
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 Volcano Country
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Olympia, Washington
Picnic Areas

Hope Island State Park
The park is a 106-acre marine camping park on the western side of the state in Mason County, Puget Sound. This quiet island is reachable only by boat. Covered with old-growth forests and saltwater marshes, the park features a beach one-and-a-half miles long. The park provides four unsheltered picnic tables for day-use visitors. Garbage must be packed out when picnickers leave.
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Mayfield Lake
Lake is definitely for visitors who love the water. Guests are able to spend their days swimming, boating, water skiing or fishing for trout, bass and coho salmon. The easy-to-use boat launch makes boating a breeze. Mayfield Lake is a popular destination for water sport enthusiasts, so the officials of the lake ask that you guests play it safe and learn the boating and watercraft rules before entering.
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Potlatch State Park
This is a 57-acre camping park with 9,570 feet of saltwater shoreline on Hood Canal. The park's beautiful grounds are home to a variety of activities, from interpretive programs for kids to boating and shellfish harvesting. Sunny days and low tides attract many to Potlatch to harvest oysters, dig for clams or catch crab and fish. The beautiful Hood Canal offers scenic views, and windy days bring out kite fliers and windsurfers. Scuba divers favor Potlatch for its accessibility and easy descent, and kayaking is a popular day-trip activity.
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Tolmie State Park
The park is a 105-acre marine day-use park with 1,800 feet of saltwater shoreline on Puget Sound. This forested park is on Nisqually Beach, a few miles from Olympia, the state's capital city. The park offers a variety of beachside activities and an underwater park built by scuba divers. Such beachside and water activities include beach combing, swimming, fishing, clamming, crabbing, diving, and boating. Besides the beach related activities there is also an abundant amount of wildlife that can be viewed. The wildlife includes coyotes, deer, elk, rabbits, raccoons, chipmunks, and squirrels Marine wildlife that can be viewed includes seals, whales, shellfish, crabs, clams, and eels. Bird watching is a very good sport that visitors can get involved with at the park.
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