Bird Watching in Richland, Washington - Washington
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 North Cascades
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Richland, Washington
Bird Watching

Hanford Reach National Monument
A large elk herd hides in the canyons, and incredibly, porcupines are a common sight. Rare plants defy the drought, wind and heat. Beautiful spring wildflower displays delight the visitor who ventures into the field. The Monument is also a reminder of our history. Plutonium reactors stand along the river, remnants of WWII and the Cold War.

Lake Wallula
The lake is located in northeastern Oregon and southeastern Washington along the Columbia River, provides for water fun and relaxation. Boating, water skiing, swimming, and fishing are some of the activities the lake has to offer. The landscape is characteristic of wide-open vistas with few trees while the climate is arid. Other popular activities include camping and picnicking. Recreation facilities range from full service campgrounds and picnic areas to undeveloped remote beaches. View migrating fish and tour the powerhouse and navigation lock. Lodging and restaurants are nearby. Wildlife viewing is a great opportunity as well. Guests may be able to spot coyotes, rabbits, deer, and elk. Other visitors at the lake may want to view the birds in the area. A few of these species are hawks, eagles, quail, and ducks.
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McNary National Wildlife Refuge
The refuge preserves a priceless diversity of fish, wildlife, and plants. McNary Refuge serves as an anchor for biodiversity and ecosystem-level conservation. Refuge bays and shorelines are critical nurseries for developing fall Chinook salmon; and passageways for endangered steelhead, sockeye, and Chinook salmon stocks. Rare and endangered birds, including bald eagles and peregrine falcons, are found here, as are thousands of colonial nesting water birds using river islands for safe nesting.

Scooteney Reservoir
This is part of the Columbia Basin Project which also includes Grand Coulee Dam. Fish species in this 925-acre reservoir include yellow perch, crappie, largemouth bass, and small-mouth bass. Campsites are placed along the reservoir as well. There are no hook-ups or water facilities. All of the sites are primitive. Each site includes a picnic area. Wildlife viewing opportunities are abundant. Mammals such as coyotes, rabbits, and occasionally bears have been spotted in the area. Bird watching is a rewarding activity as well.
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Umatilla National Wildlife Refuge
The refuge provides a nesting area for Great Basin Canada geese and several species of ducks. Mammals include mule deer, coyote, and many smaller species. Walleye, steelhead, salmon, sturgeon, crappie, and bass are found in refuge waters. 29,370 acres of marshes, sloughs, open water, cropland, and sagebrush uplands.
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