John Dellenback Trail #1460 - Crater Lake, OR - Oregon - John Dellenback Trail #1460
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 Mt. Hood & Columbia River Gorge
 Crater Lake
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John Dellenback Trail #1460
GPS Coordinates: Unknown
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John Dellenback Trail #1460 is a paved trail that winds around Diamond Lake. It is designed for all types of bicycles and bike riding abilities. This 11 mile trail is not limited to bicycling only. It follows easy grades with a maximum of 8%. Hikers and nordic skiiers also use the trail. The first one-half mile is managed as a barrier free trail and wheelchair use is encouraged. The path takes you through many unique places in the recreation area, with magnificent views of Mt. Bailey and Mt. Thielsen. Bicycle symbols painted on the pavement indicate the route through Diamond Lake campground and Diamond Lake Resort. This trail is closed to all motorized use and horses due to conflicts between these users. This trail is 11 miles long and has an easiest rating.

Facilities: John Dellenback Trail #1460is located near many campgrounds all of which have restrooms.

Best Time To Visit: John Dellenback Trail #1460 is open year-round.

Fees: No fee is charged.

Accessibility: This trail is not handicap accessible.

Rules: Unknown

Directions: To reach John Dellenback Trail #1460 from Crater Lake, travel north on the Crater Lake Highway to State Highway 138. Take State Highway 138 north to Road 4790 into the Diamond Lake Composite. The following areas provide access to the bicycle path with vehicle parking available.

* South Shore Picnic Area * Diamond Lake Campground (Parking at boat ramps) * Diamond Lake Resort * Thielsen View Campground * Broken Arrow Campground (Parking at restrooms in "H" loop)

Map: Click here for a map to John Dellenback Trail #1460

Reservations: Reservations are not needed or accepted for John Dellenback Trail #1460.

Diamond Lake Ranger District-Umpqua National Forest
2020 Toketee RS Road
Idleyld Park, Oregon 97447
General: (541) 498-2531
Fax: (541) 496-3534
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