Fishing in Burley, Idaho - Idaho
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Burley, Idaho
Fish & GameFishing In National ForestsFishing In State ParksFishing In Wildlife Preserves & Refuges
Rivers & Streams
Fish & Game

Idaho Fish and Game
The Idaho Fish and Game provides all the information needed to hunt and fish in the state of Idaho.
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Fishing In National Forests

Sawtooth National Forest
Sawtooth National Forest comprises more that 2.1 million acres of public land, most of it in south-central Idaho, with one unit in northern Utah. Hunters come here for deer, elk, antelope, mountain goat, bear, and mountain lion. Sightseers, bird watchers, hikers, horse riders, and trail and mountain bikers add to recreational traffic on the Sawtooth National Forest.
FishingPicnic tableBirdwatchingHorses are allowedHiking is allowedMountain bikes are allowedWildlife viewingRV campingTent campingBoat launchInterpretive signsViewpointFees are chargedPets must be kept on leashVisitor centerToilets
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Fishing In State Parks

Lake Walcott State Park
This park offers its visitors modern campgrounds to stay at. It is not handicap accessible. The park is a convenient bases from which to explore the Minidoka National Wildlife Refuge.
FishingPicnic tableBirdwatchingWildlife viewingFees are chargedPicnic ramadasToiletsBoat launchShowers
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Fishing In Wildlife Preserves & Refuges

Minidoka National Wildlife Refuge
Recreational activities in this area include boating, fishing, hunting, and wildlife viewing. Up to 100,000 ducks and geese are present in the Minidoka National Wildlife Refuge during spring and fall migrations. Migrating tundra swans can be seen in spring in shallow bays and shores of the lake. Bald eagles, golden eagles, hawks, and owls are frequently seen. Mule deer are year-round residents and pronghorn antelope are occasionally seen.
FishingBirdwatchingWildlife viewingPicnic tableFees are charged
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Rivers & Streams

Snake River
The river stretches 60 miles to it's confluence with the Henrys Fork. This large river offers its visitors a wide variety of recreation. It includes fishing, boating, camping, sightseeing, picnicking, wildlife watching and biking. Facilities are available.
FishingBoat launchToiletsHandicapped Access

Thompson Flat Campground
This campground is set on a lake surrounded by fir and pine trees. Visitors are allowed to fish in the lake for planted trout. Different trails are available near the campground. Facilities are provided.
FishingRV campingTent campingPicnic tableBirdwatchingHorses are allowedHiking is allowedMountain bikes are allowedWildlife viewingFees are chargedToiletsPotable drinking water
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