South Fork Conejos River Trail - Alamosa, CO - Colorado - South Fork Conejos River Trail
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South Fork Conejos River Trail
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Located in the South San Juan Wilderness, the South Fork Conejos River Trail of the Conejos Canyon is a spectacular example of glacial topography: a steep sided U-shaped valley with glacial deposits filling the valley bottom. As one heads west from the footbridge, one passes over glacial moraines rock that was scoured from the canyon above and dumped in huge piles when the glacier receded. These moraines have since been eroded by water flowing from the South Fork of the Conejos. At the confluence of the South Fork and Hansen Creek, the South Fork Canyon narrows considerably but retains its glacial character.
The forested slopes are broken often by outcrops of volcanic rock. The trail traverses the steep slopes high above the stream, occasionally descending to the canyon bottom. Waterfalls may be seen in some of the smaller tributary canyons, such as Canon Escondido.
Two forks of the South Fork Conejos Trail exist between the trailhead and the confluence with Hansen Creek. One fork travels along the south side of the valley, the other on the north side. The trails join where the South Fork Canyon narrows, just above Hansen Creek. The trails are both well marked, easy trails. The north trail has fewer water crossings, and may be more desirable for hikers.
The difficulty of the trail varies considerably, ranging from a gentle path following the stream to steep switchbacks climbing the valley slopes.
The South Fork Trail is a well traveled and easily followed trail providing access to the spectacular South Fork Conejos Canyon. From the South Fork Trail, visitors may reach several of the smaller canyons and the high lakes, such as Canon Verde, Canon Rincon, and Green, Blue and Glacier Lakes.
Water and camping sites are available along the entire route. Drinking water should be treated before consumption.
The South San Juan Wilderness is entered a short distance from the start of the trail. Beyond this point motorized equipment is prohibited.
This 10.0 mile trail is located entirely within the boundaries of the South San Juan Wilderness Area. It is rated as "more difficult", and receives "moderate" usage. The beginning elevation is 8,950 feet, and the ending elevation is 11,400 feet.

Facilities: There are no facilities available along South Fork Conejos River Trail. Back-country camping is permitted. Facilities can be found in Antonio before departure.

Best Time To Visit: South Fork Conejos River Trail is open year-round.

Fees: There are no fees charged to visit this Wilderness Area.

Accessibility: This trail is not handicap accessible.

Rules: No mechanically devices are permitted in a wilderness area.

Directions: To get to South Fork Conejos River Trail from Pagosa Springs: Drive east on US-160, drive to Alamosa. From Alamos take Highway 17, follow the Platoro Road #250 north approximately 10 miles, past Rocky Mountain Lodge and the Old Thomas Ranch. Turn left into parking area. From here a trail leads down to the South Fork Trailhead on the Conejos River at its confluence with the South Fork. Parking is available just off the Platoro Road. The trailhead is on the west side of the bridge crossing the Conejos River.

Map: Click here for a map to South Fork Conejos River Trail

Reservations: Reservations are not needed or accepted to use South Fork Conejos River Trail.

Rio Grande National Forest
1803 W. US Highway 160
Monte Vista, Colorado 81144
General: (719) 852-5941
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