Around the Peaks Loop Scenic Drive - Flagstaff, AZ - Arizona - Around the Peaks Loop Scenic Drive
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 Scenic Drives
Flagstaff Snow Guide by The Outdoor Princess
Around the Peaks Loop Scenic Drive
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The 44 miles of the Around the Peaks Loop Scenic Drive goes all the way around Arizona's highest mountain, winding through a land of pine forests and aspen groves, open prairies and rustic homesteads.
Anytime is a good time to enjoy this drive, although the roads are closed through much of the winter (you might want to ski or snowmobile it then).
In the spring, wildflowers follow the retreating snow up the mountain. There are a number of places along this route where to stop and hike, enjoy a lunch, or even set up a primitive camp. Visitors can take more than one day to do this drive or combine it with one or more of the other scenic drives in the vicinity of the San Francisco Peaks.
From the heart of Flagstaff, drive northeast about 15 miles on US 89 until you see a "Forest Access" sign at mile marker 430.4 directing you to turn left (west).
Once you cross US 89, you will enter FR 552 which will come to a "T" about a half mile down the road. Following FR 552, turn right (north) to head towards FR 418.
After driving for about a mile, you will see a sign that directs you to take another right on to FR 418.
Follow FR 418 approximately 12 miles to FR 151 where you can either go right or left. If you go right on FR 151, it's only a couple of miles until you get to US 180. If you decide to go left on FR 151, it's about 8 miles to US 180, but this section of the drive is very beautiful and cuts between Hart Prairie and Snowbowl.
Driving time is approximately 2 hours.

Facilities: There are no facilities on the Around the Peaks Loop Scenic Drive.

Best Time To Visit: Around the Peaks Loop Scenic Drive is open March through November. The roads are closed through much of the winter.

Fees: There are no fees charged for this scenic drive.

Accessibility: There are no accessible facilities along the drive.

Rules: Please obey the posted speed limits.

Directions: To reach the Around the Peaks Loop Scenic Drive from Flagstaff, travel northeast 14 miles on US 89 to FR 418. Turn west 12 miles to FR 151, then south 8 miles to US 180. It's 9.5 miles back to Flagstaff.

Map: Click here for a map to Around the Peaks Loop Scenic Drive

Reservations: Reservations are not needed or accepted to use Around the Peaks Loop Scenic Drive.

Coconino National Forest-Peaks Ranger Station
5075 N. Highway 89
Flagstaff, Arizona 86004
General: (928) 526-0866
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