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FREE Trackable Geocoin from

How would YOU like your very own trackable geocoin? You can get one FREE from! All you have to do is collect some information about public campgrounds while you're out geocaching.

What Do You Need To Do? is expanding our information from 14 states to all 50 and we need YOUR help. To earn your trackable geocoin, all you need to do is help us expand our information.

Fill out our easy-to-use submission forms to tell us about public campgrounds you've visited and upload photos of them. (No, you aren't going to tell the world about your favorite back-woods campsite! Just public campgrounds in National Forests, National Parks, State Parks, etc.)

You will earn points for submitting information. For each 50 points you earn, I will send you one unactivated trackable geocoin. You can participate as many times as you like!

General Participation Guidelines

  • Open to any geocacher in the USA. You must be registered on and have at least 5 cache finds in order to participate.
  • You must be 18 years old or older to participate.
  • Legal US residents only.
  • I need a valid email address so I can contact you about your participation.

Here's How It Works:

Public Campground Submission Guidelines

  1. Complete campground submissions are worth 5 points. Only complete submissions will be counted. That means that you need to fill in all the fields to the best of your knowledge. I won't be asking anything obscure or difficult! You should be able to supply all the information I need from having visited the campground.
    • I'll even provide you a checklist so you can be sure you collected all the information in a complete submission!
  2. It has to be a campground that I don't currently have on the website.
  3. Campground information submissions will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. If two people submit information about the same campground, the first person who submits complete information will be awarded the points.
  4. It must be a campground! Sorry, I can't give points for dispersed camping areas, pull-offs, or information about a "loop" of a larger campground.
  5. I can only use public campgrounds. This means that any campground that is managed by National Forest Service, State Park Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, etc. No KOA campgrounds or private campgrounds please!
  6. So I can track your campground submissions, you have to send me the information using my easy-to-fill-in form. Sorry, I just can't accept the submission any other way!

Want to earn an extra 5 points? Just send in a set of photos of the campground!

Photo "Set" Submission Guidelines

  1. Photo sets are worth 5 points. I can't give points for incomplete or partial submissions. A photo set consists of at least 5 images.
  2. You must have taken the photo. Because of copyright issues, I can't accept any photos from the Internet or from other photographers.
  3. Photo sets will be will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, if two people submit photos of the same campground, the first person who submits a complete, usable photo set will be awarded the points.
  4. You can submit photos for campgrounds that are listed on the website. If there is a round photos displayed, then that is my default image and I need photos of that campground. (Most of my photos are in Arizona)
  5. Don't alter the photos. I'll edit them for size, cropping, etc. They must be a high-quality image. No camera phones, please! I need something that will look great on the website. And, along with that, I can't accept blurry images. So, make sure the camera is still and in focus!
  6. For privacy reasons my attorney told me there can be NO FACES in any of the photos.
  7. So I can track your photo set submissions, you have to send me the information using my easy-to-fill-in form that will upload your photos to me. Sorry, I just can't accept the submission any other way!

Campground Submission 5 Points
Photo Set Submission 5 Points
Total 10 Points!

I go through submissions from oldest to newest to make sure that the first person who submitted the information gets the points!

We are not currently accepting new geocachers to this program. Please keep checking back to see what the new promotion will be!

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